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Welcome To The First Class Erotica Store!


First Class Erotica Store is the digital side of Enchantrix Empire! Our experienced Mistresses who provide high-end erotic phone sex sessions are also creative and many create sexy products  that you can own.   Here you will be able to peruse their offerings. What type of erotic creativity can you find? Buy now prerecorded erotic audios and custom erotic audio options, assignments, and special training packages.

Buy Now Erotic Audio Store


Feel free to browse our huge store of prerecorded erotic audios. There is a wide variety of kink genres to choose from– too many to list. Some of the more popular kink genres are feminization fantasies, cock control teases, all types of humiliation, and even BDSM and kink training.

Search by category or keyword to find audios for your sexy desires.

The Mistresses have a category under the “view audios” link which will introduce you to her style, and voice. Audios also have short samples for you to listen to before you buy. Through our automated online purchasing service you’ll receive your audio right away!


Custom Erotic Audios


Custom erotic audio projects are very popular, they are customized to you. You can provide the script or collaborate with the Mistresses to create something mind blowing for you! Imagine your favorite fantasy being retold from a Goddess’s lips, and she speaks YOUR name and plays with YOUR kink just how you like it.

Custom erotic audioCustom audios are arranged directly between the Enchantrix Mistress and you, usually via email. You can click on each Mistress’s picture to read about them to learn more about their style and the types of kinks they enjoy, as well as listen to a voice sample to get an idea what an audio from her might sound like. Once you find the Mistress you would like to record your audio, you can contact her directly via the email address on her profile to make arrangements.

After the arrangements have been made, you will return to the erotic audio store to pay for your audio. But first, reach out to them with a call or an email, and inquire about creating a custom audio for you. The Mistress will take it from there. She’ll ask you specific questions, feel free to ask her your questions. Once she has all the information she needs, and all the details agreed upon she will quote you a price and a lead time for your item! It’s just that easy!


Phone Sex Assignments


Phone sex assignments get those inspirational juices flowing!  What are phone sex assignments? The Mistresses of Enchantrix are clever and we realized the tasks and assignments we assign to those who call us, might be fun for all. There is a wide range of kink-specific assignment options at phone sex assignments. From PDF instructions to audio, various types of training, special email packages, and so much more. There are so many fun and sexy things the ladies have for you, be sure check out it out before you leave. 


First Class Erotica: Enjoy Your Kink


LDW/Enchantrix has been providing erotic phone sex services for over 20 years. We know what you like and now you can find all of your digital erotica in one place.  We know many who love to submit also enjoy performing tasks. Others are a bit shy and want to learn more about themselves or their kinky desires alone, or before reaching out for a session. While others enjoy augmenting their engagement with Mistress with erotic audios and assignments. Regardless of what erotic avenue you choose you are sure to enjoy your erotic adventures from the First Class Erotica Mistresses.


Benefits Of Purchasing Digital Erotica


Discreet and delivered to you at the time of sale
 Buy Now audios are typically more economical than custom audio
Sales will show LDW on any credit card statement
First Class support if there are any questions or concerns
Augment current training/play with Mistress
Help fill the void if Mistress is away or otherwise unavailable


Ready For Your Erotic Phone Sex Call?


Have you been enjoying your erotic audios and sexy assignments but you’ve yet to speak to your favorite Enchantrix Mistress? Why not take a look at the Mistresses of and see if she’s available now? Maybe you’ve only listened to samples from your favorite Mistress’ audios and are excited about the thought of hearing her call your name in your very own custom audio, in which case, why not email her to see if she can create one for you?

Does your favorite Mistress have a variety of pre-made erotic audios and kink-specific assignments but none of them are for your particular kink? Chances are, she enjoys your kink as much as you do and would enjoy doing a fun roleplay call with you. Check out our Phone Sex Boutique which lists all of our kink and fetish-specific phone sex sites and see if she happens to be on your favorite site. Don’t see a site listed for your favorite kink? Perhaps you’ll find it on our Unusual Phone Sex site which caters to many lesser-known fetishes which may include yours!


Call Information

(800) 356-6169 – Calls are $ per minute – minimum of 10 minutes – billed to your credit card – 18+